Saddle Health – One size does not fit all

Last week Jon Wild and I delivered an online workshop about saddle health. As a Bike Fitter, Jon is equally passionate about supporting people to be comfortable and efficient on their bikes. It was a real pleasure to deliver the workshop and share our enthusiasm and knowledge on the subject.

Working predominantly with females of all levels, I coach youth and junior riders through to adult women. In my experience, saddle health is not only a common topic of discussion but also a barrier to enjoyment, participation and performance. I am often asked for advice about saddles or saddle related issues like sores or re-occurring injuries.

The opportunity to present a workshop seemed like a pro-active way to offer support and advice on the many interacting factors involved in saddle health. I discussed self-care, preventative measures, clothing and hygiene while Jon shared his expertise on bio-mechanics, position and saddle fit.  Together we were able to deliver a comprehensive session covering the many different aspects that affect health and comfort on the bike.

As a Coach I want to encourage women to talk openly about their saddle health and normalise conversations around the topic. In my experience performance and enjoyment are increased significantly when issues are addressed early, enabling riders to pedal further, faster and more frequently.

I’m not going to write my ‘Top 10 Tips to Saddle Happiness’ because it is very much an individual thing, based on many different factors. You need to go on your own journey which is shaped by the type of rider you are, your health history and your own personal goals and needs. It may take some time and I would encourage you to talk to trained professionals working in the sport – Bike Fitters, Physiotherapists, Coaches and of course medical professionals for chronic and urgent issues.

Our workshop was provided to Parallel Coaching Club members as part of their monthly coaching package. If you would like access to the full workshop recording and resources, please email me for a link.

Useful reading:
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